Question 1 : How do I add animals to my Zoo?

Answer :

Below are the steps to capture animals.

  1. Open and search 9 digits code printed inside the SHAHI’s Ballay Ballay packet.
  2. Download the app from play store or scan from the Ballay Ballay packet.
  3. Once the app is loaded, Insert code popup will appear.
  4. Insert the code printed inside the Bally Bally Packet and press OK button.

Question 2 : How can I win prizes?

Answer :

There are multiple ways to win prizes in ZooPlay. All you have to do is to achieve the ZooPlay titles by capturing animals and claim your prize.

Question 3 : How can I claim my winning prize?

Answer :

When you are eligible to win a prize. You will be shown a list of prizes to choose from. Press Claim your prize button on anyone of the prizes and follow the instructions.

NOTE: You need to register before you claim your prize.

Question 4 : How do I participate in the contest?

Answer :

You will be notified in the app when any contest is announced. A task and a duration will be given in the contest. You will need to complete the task within a specified duration to be eligible to win a prize.

Question 5 : Where can I read all my missing notification?

Answer :

If you missed or did not read any notification sent by ZooPlay. You just need to click on the bell icon on the bottom right corner of the home screen to read all the notifications.

Question 6 : How do I register myself ?

Answer :

There is a register button on the top right corner of the home screen. Click on it and provide all the required details for registration.

Question 7 : Where can a player see all the offered prizes / Where can I see the prizes offered by SHAHI?

Answer :

There is a gift box icon on the left side of the home screen. Click on it and you will find the following categories of prizes offered by SHAHI.

1. Set Completion Prizes

You can win these prizes by completing the animal sets shown in the app.

2. Weekly Prizes

These prizes will be offered at the end of every week (Saturday night 00 hour)

3. Other Prizes

These are contest prizes which will be offered when a contest announced.

Question 8 : Do I need to complete the sets in any specific order?

Answer :

No, there is no condition to complete the sets in any specific order. You may complete any set first and will become eligible for the prize.

Question 9 : Can I add many players in one device?

Answer :

Yes you can add up to 5 more players in your device after you register yourself.

Question 10 : Where do I login if I have been registered already?

Answer :

There is a register button on the top right corner of the home screen. Click on it and press the Login button and enter your credentials.

Question 11 : How do I see my captured animal in Augmented Reality?

Answer :

  1. Press Play button and place the SHAHI packet in front of the camera & see the magic.

Question 12 : Can I play with my animals without the SHAHI packet?

Answer :

Yes, you can play with multiple animals at the same time (4 animals at max.) in 3D mode by selecting the 3D option in AR/3D toggle present on the top right corner of AR Scene. Augmented animal will remain in view area after the tracking is lost.

Question 13 : How much time does it take to deliver my prize?

Answer :

Around 15 -20 days after your claim is received. If there is delay you can call on the contact number given.

Question 14 : What should I do if my prize is defective or broken?

Answer :

Call us immediately or email us.

Question 15 : What should I do when my prize has not been delivered on time?

Answer :

Call or email us.

Question 16 : Can I run this app without internet?

Answer :

Yes, you can play with already captured animals but you will not be able to do the following things.

  • Capture a new animal.
  • Claim a prize.
  • Receive notifications.
  • Update the profile.